2 March Pumps (or equiv)($150-175 Each)
6-8 Feet 3/8″ ID reinforced Vinyl or PVC flex tubing
4 Watts hose adapters: Model A-665 (UPC-4864307187) (3.50 each @ Home Depot, Lowes, ACE)
4 to 8* Orbit brass hose quick-connect-disconnects (5.00 Each)
25′ or more 1/2″ od (3/8)OD Copper tubing or chiller (market value but plan on $80)
6 Hose clamps (small 1/4 to 3/8″) $5.00 max
GFCI Power Switch Optional as most outdoor sockets are now GFCI
1/2″ threaded ball valve -$6.00
1 Pkg. Colored Cable ties optional

* May need up to 8 quick-disconnect hose if you decide to put sweat-on hose adapters to your tubing.


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