Finally, I made a video.  It is not of great quality, since I don’t have a camcorder.  However, it does show my meager setup.  It DOES WORK and that is the point.  I used a brine solution at about 20%, then added 40 lbs of ice, which is about 5 gallons of water.  Ice is realatively inexpensive here at $2.30 for 20 lbs (8.5Kg).  The rate of cooling was faster than with just plain ice and water, but the extra cost of salt and the environmental impact was too much for me to attempt it again. I personally did not acheive steallar results from adding ice.  Howver, others have and others may want to try this. Check local codes for disposal of brine as some cities have outlawed it in the sewers and even run-off waterways.

Click here to see video